VBSM admits only students who are faithful members of independent Baptist churches, believing it would be inconsistent with our statement of purpose and vision to train ministers of other denominations.  A high school diploma is not required for admission to our school. If the applicant can read and write, has a desire to learn the word of God, has demonstrated Christian character and a teachable spirit, we believe he has the qualifications to succeed. All students who are not members of Victory Baptist Church must be recommended in writing by their own pastors.  VBSM will not refuse admission to any student simply on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin.

Applicants to VBSM must:

  1. Read the VBSM handbook.
  2. Send the completed application to the registrar.
  3. Remit all appropriate fees to the registrar.

Download Application Form

Send your completed application form to:

Victory Baptist School of Ministry
4000 Avalon Blvd
Milton, FL  32583